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Tiny Warriors

Tiny Warriors They may be tiny, but they sure do pack LOTS of energy! We know what its like -- big brother and sister get to do martial arts, but the little ones have to sit on the side and watch. We know just how much they want to practice too so we designed this program with those little ones in mind.

Younger children may not be as cerebral as the older ones, but they do understand what it means to be constantly told to sit still. So, in this program, we let them get all of that energy out. Here, we teach them basic movements to help them grow up big and strong and prepare them to one day join the regular children´┐Żs classes.

Tiny Warriors Children begin forming the extended thought process at a very young age. Knowing this, we seek to stimulate their little minds and bodies with a series of award-winning games and obstacle courses which will enable them to develop better eye-hand coordination, balance, flexibility, patience, and self-control. Most of all, when children gain self confidence, they begin to excel in every single area of their lives. No longer are they just sitting down and sedentary. With proper martial arts training, they gain a sense of self-discipline that leads to future leaders.

Due to our program being so sought after, we commonly have a waiting list for our Tiny Warriors Program. So, when you decide the time is right for your child to begin our program, be sure to call and find out what times are available. If you do have to be on the waiting list, we will gladly offer you and your child the option of private lessons. Private lessons are typically taught anytime during the day based on a first come - first serve basis.