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Austin Texas Boxing & Kickboxing


StrikingAll 195 countries have some form or another of combative science. Of these, the most popular unarmed techniques in history have always been that of the striking arts. This could be due to their simplicity in nature and efficacy by which they can be performed. Or perhaps it is on behalf of the fact that even ancient man, before all else, woulc defend himself by delivering deadly blows to various parts of the body. Humans have never been anything shy of predatorial creatures. One need not travel far to see that striking is an inherent part of the modus operandi of all people. One only need to comit themselves to the observation of small children. Once a child has reached beyond infancy, it will do more than scream to defend itself. It will begin to use its hands and feet against anyone it feels is threatening its complacency.


StrikingAnd whereas it might be quite easy for someone to just rise up and harm another, we are no longer an ancient race of people. We, at the Martial Arts of Austin, feel that its imperative that anyone who wishes to learn how to defend themself receive that opportunity. However, this does not mean we teach people how to create situations whereby barbaric disorderly conduct and savagery override one’s ability to choose self-control. Quite the opposite, we teach some of the most advance methods of percussion techniques such as striking with every part of the hand and arm as well as kicking with every part of the foot. But in contrast to purely antiquated series of movements, we teach our students the how AND the why of striking. And at the very induction of these body mechanics, students will quickly learn that while they certainly could be used for methods of extreme severity, they choose not to knowing that to react to a situation with a contentious response is a loss of self-control. And although we teach modern approaches to everyday AND rare confrontations (fights that break out in bars/clubs, dealing with domestic violence, safety when going to your vehicle at night, walking home alone, the common jerk at the office, stalkers, burglars, and so many more), we expound to our students the necessity to prepare and sharpen our awareness that we may never run into many of these avoidable situationsin the first place.

StrikingWe want to thank all of our students that come from as far as South San Antonio and others that come all the way up from Waco. We know you have quite the drive but you have chosen a school that offers the most accurate approach to striking tactics.
A typical striking workout at our school will consist of calisthenics, cardiovascular training, boxing drills, kickboxing and bag work, pushups, situps, lunges, arm trapping, combination fighting drills, self-defense and a pragmatic means to all out striking confrontations via sparring. During sparring practice, students will pad up with hand/forearm & foot/shin & knee pads (with headgear as an option) and practice live applications of kicking and punching. In the beginning, students find that they spend more time on the exercise aspects of sparring. But over time, they develop plans of attack and strategies that allow them to gain knowledge by means of the countless hours of actual h2h experience.


StrikingWithout question, Martial Arts of Austin offers the most outstanding striking program in all of Central Texas. And as mentioned before, we teach so much more than just kicking and punching. We teach with an enthusiastic approach to embracing all aspects of the martial arts as a whole. Once a student has mastered their basics of striking, they will then embark on a course of instruction that teaches all ranges of motion of the joints, kinetics of motion of one person advancing onto another and the four ranges of attack connection, (and the Newtonian physics that follow study), the trapping of the arms when one person attempts to strike back, as well as an ardent study of cardiovascular energetics with a remarkable and award-winning series of the most up-to-date calisthenics that medical and kinesiological science has to offer. This class would appeal to all who are interested in such arts as Boxing, Kenpo, Karate, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Silat, Taekwondo, Wing Chun, and many others for these arts all have striking scientific elements that will be introduced to our students.