Children's Program

The Martial Arts Center of Austin has one of the most outstanding programs for children in all of central texas. 

We teach children all three aspects of unarmed self defense including striking (kicking and punching), throwing (joint-locking & body throwing), & grappling (defending yourself on the ground). 

But more than anything, we focus on a healthy amount of all kinds of exercise (including pushups, situps, lunges) & fun combined with several different drills teaching personal safety and bully awareness.

Many parents ask us if their children will learn self respect while learning self defense. The answer is emphatically YES. 

Every single aspect of a good martial arts school stresses the importance of always finishing all of your homework and getting good grades at school, respecting all of 

your elders (ie – obeying your parents, grandparents, teachers, etc.), completing all of your chores when mom and dad say to, using respectful language at all times, and being an overall example to other children as to how to be a leader. And since children have very creative minds with tons of energy to burn, we show them how martial arts can allow them to exercise those active minds and bodies and still choose right from wrong.

And, as mentioned on our home page, we are extremely proud to be the one and only school (and one of the only in the country) to be teaching the Japanese language in our program. 

At every belt level, both children and adults have the opportunity to learn to read, write and speak Japanese. Our method of education greatly exceeds that of any other school around. 

Your child will be learning so much language study that by the time they reach their black belt, they will be able to read a Japanese newspaper. We teach numerous kanji (japanese characters) and then we step by step show the students how to write the characters in the correct manner. 

Then, we break it down into very simple phrases so that they can easily retain the information and begin speaking it immediately. And the best part, it doesn�t cost you any more for this program. Its already included in the regular low monthly fee.

Just like adults, children wish to join a martial arts school for all kinds of different reasons. Some wish to learn how to defend themself if ever a larger child approached them at school. 

Some want to join to gain self-confidence (while mom and dad are looking for some good self-discipline). 

But many like the idea of just having some good old-fashioned fun. And even though it’s hard work, martial arts teach children early on that life is full of challenges. 

But here at our school, we educate our students to understand that it’s those very challenges that make us upstanding individuals in society. And one of the best parts is that children make some of the most amazing friendships that last their entire life.