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Austin Texas Jiujitsu & Catch Wrestling

寝技の日本柔術 - 侍の武術

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Virtually all historians agree that wrestling, in one form or another, is possibly the oldest type of athletic activity in the entire world. Every species on the planet utilizes grappling and wrestling skills for bonding activities within family, packs, and tribes, for sports, as well as health & fitness. Even kings and royalty would engage in wrestling activities conjointly having grappling & wrestling performances for their royal courts. From the smallest of creatures such as ants to the largest of creatures such as elephants, grappling and wrestling are practiced by everyone and every living thing.
The very word “grapple” means “to struggle”. And we all know that life offers a vast array of situations every single day that we must learn to struggle and deal with. This is why many people choose grappling and wrestling as their form of self defense and exercise activity.

Throwing We are extremely proud to be the only dojo in the Austin area teaching both traditional Jujutsu/Jiujitsu as it originated from Japan from the Samurai warriors to the modern “ne waza” 寝技 (groundwork/grappling techniques) of the more recently revived Jiujitsu descending from Kosen Judo of Japan.
Here at Martial Arts of Austin, we teach our students hundreds of submission wrestling moves including techniques of joint-immobilization (ie - locking up all 13 major joints [ankle, knee, hip, wrist, elbow, shoulder and neck]) as well as many methods of strangulation. We teach both forms of grappling including using a uniform (known as“gi grappling”) and grappling without a uniform (known as “no-gi grappling”). For self-defense purposes, both are absolutely essential. Grappling with a uniform can easily parallel to a confrontational situation where someone is wearing a thick coat or jacket. And grappling without a uniform could easily assist someone who is being confronted by an individual who is wearing little clothing (at the beach for example). And due to the fact that over 90% of all physical altercations end up on the ground, it is unquestionably imperative that someone who truly wishes to defend themself learn how to grapple.

ThrowingWe teach both sport style grappling/wrestling as well as grappling for self defense and combat. Grappling and submission wrestling have also become increasingly exciting sports in recent years. Take a look at any number of martial art schools claiming to teach grappling and/or submission wrestling and what you’ll typically find are people who started practicing right after the craze of “no-hold-barred” fighting that has become quite popular over the last 15 years. And whereas many of these instructors are quite competent and highly trained, our school is able to offer training from instructors that began well over 25 years ago.


Throwing We understand that many people can be quite intimidated with the fact that a very small person can easily defend themself against a much larger opponent using grappling techniques. Visitors wishing to see what grappling is all about oftentimes find themselves altogether shocked when they see people able to choke, lock, smother, flip, sweep, and pin someone who is essentially 50-100% larger than they are. But in all honesty, you have nothing to worry about. Not only have we been doing this for a very long time, but our school adheres to a highly strict policy of protocol and etiquette. We train in a zero-ego environment so you never have anything to be concerned about. Everyone here treats their partner and coaches with the greatest of respect. Beginners will be taken to the side during grappling time and taught the fundamental basics before ever going live with a partner. And, of course, only those who wish to grapple
will be doing so. There is never any requirement to grapple if you do not want to. However, those that do wish to grapple may certainly do so at the end of class.
Grappling/wrestling can be a very exciting method of self-defense and exercise. This class will appeal to anyone interested in arts such as Brazilian Jiujitsu, Catch Wrestling, Judo, Sambo, Shuai-Chiao, Japanese Hybrid/Submission Grappling, Free-style grappling, Greco Roman Wrestling, San Shou, Dumog, Pancrase, Shootwrestling, and many others for all of these arts have elements that will be completely familiar to our students. The only main difference between what we do and what others do is simple: we train to know how to protect ourselves if ever a real situation arose -- not just score points and win tournaments.

ThrowingAlthough we are currently a N.A.G.A. Champion School, our primary focus is that our students can actually defend themselves in a live confrontation. So oftentimes, you’ll hear students asking the teachers if the move they’re learning is “legal” or not. This is because students at our school are taught both tournament legal moves and then also taught HIGHLY illegal, extremely painful moves that could rip, tear, rupture or seriously injure their opponent permanently. When asked why we teach moves with such high levels of danger (spine twisters, neck cranks, hip dislocations, etc.), we quickly remind our students that its those very moves that may one day save their life. And to us, that’s FAR more important than winning a plastic trophy at a tournament. Being able to win in a tournament but lose in life just doesn’t add up to us. And again, worry not for we go very slow and step-by-step so that we can continue to have a 100% injury free school as we have had for years. Everyone at our school is here to learn from one another, not harm them. If you’re tired of doing the same moves year after year and are looking for something extremely different that works both in tournament matches AND also on the street or if you’ve never tried grappling and ground fighting and want to learn how to protect yourself in a very effective way, schedule a time to come by and meet with us. You’ll quickly see why so many students with years of prior experience are leaving their current schools to join ours. Even though that’s not our intention, we are very happy to be able to offer something so uniqueto the central Texas community. We look forward to hearing from you and adding your family to ours.