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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this is right for me?

There are hundreds of different martial arts. And for every martial art, there are hundreds of different teachers. We know this is no easy task trying to figure out which is best for you and your family. This is why we will do everything to make sure we can answer every single question you have as thoroughly as possible. We honestly feel like there is a martial art for everyone out there. No matter what you're looking for, martial arts provide opportunities to increase your health and energy, your relationships with friends, make new and long lasting connections with others, give you an overall sense of self-confidence, teach you and your children a higher level of self-discipline, teach you methods of self -defense and so much more. We welcome you to come by and watch a class first to see if we're a good match. We provide a family friendly atmosphere with very pragmatic means of self defense, awareness and safety.

How much does it cost?

This all depends on which program you're interested in, how many in your family wish to join, how many programs for children vs adults and your overall needs and goals. We custom tailor programs for everyone based on just what you need. If you're looking to get in shape and lose weight, we encourage you to go that direction. But if you're looking to do martial arts training with it as well, that's a different direction. We want you to be comfortable with the decision you make. Therefore, when you call to set up a time to come by, we'll discuss all of your options in great detail. Basically, we'd like to meet you first and then discuss your options. One thing you'll notice from the beginning is that our school only charges one price in total. So whichever you decide to do, the price you pay will reflect just that. We do not upsell and try to get you to join programs you wouldn't be interested in. Bottom line is if you're happy, we're happy. Most schools charge somewhere between $75-$200 a month. And depending on what you'd like to do here at our school, you can be certain that you'll be paying less than any school around. If you actually find a better price than ours, then let us know. Everyone has told us that we're the lowest in Austin.

Will I learn "self defense"?

Absolutely. Many schools specialize in one area only be it kicking, punching, etc. But not our school. Look at our programs page and our schedule and what you'll see is a huge array of different classes and options. All of these classes teach a fantastic means of self defense, mma, kickboxing, grappling, weapons, tactical training....and tons more.

Does your school teach "fighting"?

That all depends on what you mean by "fighting". We will teach you how to get a "fighting chance" if the situation ever arose. We will also teach you how to stand up for yourself and not to have others push you around. We will show you how to develop self-awareness and confidence. We will teach you how to avoid contentious situations. However, one thing we will NOT teach you is how to cause unnecessary harm to others. If you are ever attacked, you will have to do whatever is necessary to keep harm from you. If this means fighting your way out -- that's ok and understandable. But, constructively learning how to fight others just for no reason is not part of our mindset and something we do not advocate whatsoever. Those looking for trouble need to go elsewhere.

Since the moment you were born until the moment you leave this world, you are fighting. You are always fighting in life.... for survival. Whether you define "survival" as just making it every month or having much success in your life, you're fighting. Whether "survival" means not losing your temper and controlling your emotions, you're fighting. We're ALL fighting in some way in our lives to better improve them both mentally and/or physically. So in that way, we do wish you to embrace that part of yourself. But going to martial art schools (especially one like ours that teaches so many classes devoted to human immobilization) to learn techniques just to bring harm or vengeance to someone is not a good idea and should be removed from being a possibility of any kind.

What are "kata" and does your school teach these?

"Kata" are essentially pre-arranged movements whereby someone is learning balance, poise, form and proper body control. We have two different systems that both have numerous kata. Kata is required in some arts we teach and not in others. There are no kata in many of the arts we teach. If you come from a very traditional martial art background and are looking for an art that does have kata, then we can certainly work with you on that. If you're simply looking for kickboxing and grappling, then no, there are no kata in these systems and are not taught in a "traditional" type of format. They are less formal in nature.

What's the correct way to properly address the teacher?

Protocol and etiquette are highly stressed in our school. Make sure you address every person and treat them the way you want to be treated. The teachers can be addressed as either Mr. or Mrs. or Coach following with their last name. We ask that you always refer to the teachers in this manner. If there is a "sensei" (high teacher), on the mat, then be sure to refer to them as "sensei". If a teacher requests that you do not use anything other than their name, then by all means just use their name. Otherwise, its best not to refer to them by their first name. If you're ever unsure of something, just ask.

Does your school compete?

Yes, we do compete. For the student that seeks competition, our dojo offers training in sport-styled practice for several different kinds of tournaments. Our students have competed in kickboxing, point-fighting striking styled tournaments, weapon competitions (kata), wrestling tournaments and grappling competitions. Many of our grappling students have been extremely successful in the N.A.G.A. (North American Grappling Association) tournaments and the W.G.C. (World Grappling Circuit). But know that although we do offer training for those that wish to compete, our primary goal is for our students to know how to properly defend themself -- not strictly win tournaments.

How long does it take to get a black belt?

Ths is probably one of the most asked questions among those who've never practiced martial arts. Most teachers will tell you that you shouldn't ask such things and doing so will set you back months, if not, years. Generally, we jokingly tell students that a black belt takes 4-6 weeks shipping & handling. What we mean by this is that getting a black belt, to many, means simply buying a colored piece of cotton. Colored cotton belts are no more than just that. And since anyone can just buy one from any supply store, the value of a black belt should not be placed on the piece of colored cotton around your waist but rather on the hard work and patience it took to get there. The most important part is the journey, not the destination. Therefore, it is the knowledge that one should strive for. A black belt in our dojo is not like most schools. We teach and train in the old ways. So for us, a black belt means someone who has endured several years of intense practice. For a more indepth view into this topic, please refer to the Article Page and read the article by the late Mr. Kensho Furuya.

Does your school teach weapons?

Yes we do. Please refer to the Weapons Page for further information.

Why are some people wearing different uniforms than others?

Most students will be wearing a standard white keiko gi (workout uniform). However, white or blue is acceptable. We all start with white and then are welcome to progress and purchase whatever color you like. The samurai, actually, did not wear white except on very rare occasions. They mainly wore very dark colors. So essentially any color is acceptable and there's no one particular reason why someone wear one color over another.

If I come from another school, can I wear my old belt from that school?

If you're just visiting for a day and you want to wear a belt from another school, you may be asked to wear a large white stripe on your belt to indicate to others that you're just visiting. However, chances are, we will just lend you a white belt for the day instead.

Where do I purchase the materials that I need?

We have everything you need. In fact, due to having such a large assortment of martial art items, many other students from other schools purchase from us as well.

Do I have to have previous experience?

Absolutely not. Just come as you are. Only about 10-20% of students have previous experience. But most everyone just starts with no experience at all.

What if I'm not in shape? Does this matter?

As in any type of physical fitness training, you will need to consult with your doctor prior to beginning any of our programs. As long as your doctor gives you permission to practice, you will be just fine. So no, you do not need to be in great physical shape. Our dojo has students from all walks of life including all kinds of physical abilities. So don't worry. You'll fit in and do great.

What do I wear on my first visit?

Always call and make an appointment before visiting a martial art school. We generally have uniforms to loan out for the day so whatever you wear will be fine. Even though summers in Texas can get quite hot, please do not arrive wearing any type of small/inappropriate clothing. Jeans and t-shirt or something of that nature will be fine.